Mushrooms and horses

A little tour of what you can find at the moment in my house:

The Dream Horse – 29 x 42 cm.

preparatory sketch

Dad’s birthday present. He loves horses and Eastern cultures, in case you were wondering about the subject chosen. It was fun and, as always, I learned a lot, about the medium, about the paper, about me.

The Backyard – 36,5 x 58 cm

I am so fond of mushrooms (Disney this is your fault!)

I have to admit I am very proud of this one. I tried to stay focus and not rush things, I concentrated on details working slowly and patiently and the result is quite pleasing. It all started with a wood panel my uncle gave me. I covered it with newspaper bits and then painted on it.

I have another board ready to be painted on (to be precise it is covered in newspaper and light blue acrylics – it is supposed to be a sky scene – and there are other 5 or 6 panel waiting to know their fate. A couple of them is bigger than anything I ever worked on. We’ll see.)

I want to make prints of this one, they’ll look cool.


this is my current obsession:

The dragon and the poet – in progress … … …

The idea came from the title of a Japanese short story I stumbled upon some times ago.

I started the painting three times. I’m in the middle of the fourth draft. I could have stopped and moved on but I’m too stubborn to let it happen. Moreover, there must be a reason why this painting still eludes me. Or not?

And now, lunch ^-^


4 thoughts on “Mushrooms and horses

  1. Premetto che non conosco l’artista del blog, ma sono convintissimo che sia bravissima da quello che vedo!Oggettivamente.
    Ps: Ciao amore!

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