Rainbow Connection

A couple months ago, I decided I wanted to clean up my (ex)bedroom and started perusing the books and stuff scattered around. And I found a scifi tome I bought ages ago : “Schismatrix” (no, it is not THAT Matrix). I remembered I wanted to trow it away halfway through the first chapter.

The book was walking the plank toward the recycle bin when I suddenly opened it up and examined the paper (with is yellowing a little). I was taught not to write on books but if you’re going to throw it away… why don’t use it for a little experiment?

So I tore three pages apart (why three? Who knows!) and started scribbling and painting. And discovered that book page paper creases in horrible ways.

I was going to throw the book away and never look back. But, as every artist’s, my room bursts with art supplies – namely paper. So I searched and searched until I found a thick sheet of white too-smooth-to-draw-on paper (a friend’s leftover) and glued two book pages on this A4 sheet. I then started drawing and coloring and adding water again and the paper didn’t, or better couldn’t, crease and my drawings were safe.

Valeria VS Bad Book

Valeria wins!

These two are the daughters of those errors and trials. Hope you will like them:


oniriconaute 01 oniriconaute 02

I’m going to print these on A4 paper…


4 thoughts on “Rainbow Connection

  1. Glad you found THE SECRET OF NO WRINKLES (in your paper!) I try to use glue that will not discolour over time too 😉 ~ Jess

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