That’s all

Yesterday afternoon I took home from the gallery my painting. What a sad sight the empty space, the other paintings wrapped up and ready to go home. But I’m so glad I was part of that exhibition. I met wonderful artists and had the pleasure of knowing the sweetest curator ever, Ilaria Pergolesi (she’s a talented artist too!!).

And now, I want to introduce to you:

The Cage - La Gabbia


This is a scan of the painting I had ad the exhibition.

The theme was: passion in every form (passion for someone, for something, for art etc).

I guess some explanation is necessary: passion is like a cage we put ourselves in and although we have the key to free ourselves we don’t use it(hence the keys and the keyhole). I chose a dark red for the hair to chromatically hint at passion without being too blatant.

Many people appreciated my work and I’m proud of it, some friends asked for a print and I’m planning to make a limited edition (50 pieces I think) to celebrate my first exhibition. If you would like to have one just send me an e-mail.


4 thoughts on “That’s all

    1. acrilic paints, thinned with water when necessary. The background are watercolor washes, in case you were wondering 🙂

      PS: you’re always so so kind and leave comments, you’re so dear.

  1. Congratulations on the exhibition! It sounds like it went so well!

    Also, your piece is beautiful. I love the flow of her hair. Wonderful concept!

  2. Hi,Valeria!
    You have interesting ideas.
    I like your works on book pages too.
    I want to set my passion(or something) more more free when I paint.

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