Birdie Love

Once upon a time Little Envelope decided to make a journey.
It walked and walked and walked and flied and flied and flied and walked again until it decided to stop in a big city far far away from home.

Little Envelope was heavy and tired but it was sure it was going to find someone who could give it shelter and love in that big city…

and it happened…

I’m HAPPY to introduce to you: Miss Little Envelope. Look how colorful it is.


And these are the reasons why Little Envelope was so so tired:


A Moleskine with a beautifully beautiful painting of a bird based on a Green Jay from South US.

Two amazing stickers: one by BABUI (Uruguay) and one by FLAME (Italy).

The Moleskine was wrapped up in an handmade envelope sealed with wax!!!

There was also a little letter but… you’ll never know what was written inside 🙂

At this point someone might be asking WHO let Little Envelope go?

I’ll tell you this… I wish we lived right next to each other… the amazingly kind and talented and chatty and friendly and open and…did I mention kind?…. JESSICA

At the moment I’m working on creating a little sister for Miss Little Envelope to go all the way to Canada and keep good company to her.

But you won’t see it until I know they meet 🙂


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