When life gives you Twitter…

… you make friends!

And when it pours you just sit down, sip your hot tea, munch a bite of chocolate and open the sweetest mail you could ever receive.

At least this is what I did yesterday when I found an envelope from dearest Jessica.

It was a rainy rainy day.


At 7 pm I came back home, soaked like I’d been swimming all day, dropped the bag and wet clothes in my bedroom and was about to leave for the kitchen. But a little red and gold thingy stopped me. An envelope. As soon as I read the back of it “From Canada with love” I started laughing and smiling like a little girl. Then I took a deep breath, put the envelope on the living room table and went in the kitchen, humming. I prepared my hot tea and assoulted the chocolate.


I came back to the living room, sat down like an old English lady and carefully opened the envelope.


Inside there was a shower, A SHOWER of sweet things. Stickers, ‘cuz I love stickers! A Zine I’ve been drooling over for some times, a cleverly clever paper mosaic featuring my hometown and the mostest – I know this word doesn’t exist, well now it does! –  beautiful screenprint in the world!!! (I’ve to restrain myself from pouring “!!!!” everywhere). Oh and Mom tried to steal the dolphins steakers…

And since the sourse of this spring of joy put so much effort in this little envelope I decided to illustrate this little story 🙂

This is a snapshot of what the red and gold envelope contained:

Photos and scans are a bit crappy due a terrible headache but I HAD TO post this.


8 thoughts on “When life gives you Twitter…

  1. i love the illustrations that go along with the story–those cut up letters and bits of type are so expressive! it’s also fun seeing what jessica sent you!

  2. Wow, what a thoughtful & creative post!!!! thanks Valeria.
    Its so nice to read how happy & inspired my mail art made you 😀
    Excited that another envelope has yet again made you giggle like a little school girl. Hope your dad also got his paws on the bear stamps I used so he can add them to his collection. TTYS my dear italian friend xxxx

  3. What a great package! It’s really nice that you make an occasion out of opening it-so much respect & excitement ~ & Love your art, showing the story; how beautiful.

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