Inspiration – Children Books : The Magic Pudding

Inspiration is something that may bliss you every time you pick up a pencil. Or it may be something you have to fight with to keep it near. Either way it is always good to have fresh input for the brain to chew on and elaborate…

I decided to start with something  I LOVE: children books. They’re simple and yet so skillfully planned and illustrated. Every stroke of any illustration matters, but I think it is even more true in children books. I’m fond of those depicting animals and that are not to “artsy”, I mean intricate in design for example. I happened to see some contemporary illustrated children books and they scared me to death. I can accept more simple forms and uniform wash of colors, and I have to admit I like them, but other times I simply look at the pictures and think :” These images are scaring a 28 grown up woman, what can they do to a little child? You can tell me “Ehi, there are many scary stories, especially the classics” – Snow White, Hansel and Gretel are the first that come to my mind – but I believe there are way to depict scary scenes without turning too graphical and risking hunting a child’s dream. I’m not telling we must cover children in cotton candy and put them in a bubble, they must know the wolf exists and be sure it can be beaten but you cvan teach them how to hunt the wolf without showing its intestines, figuratively speaking.

(Most of the images are from BibliOdyssey, a super site if you like books.)

This is The Magic Pudding by Norman Lindsay. Isn’t this koala adorable? I especially love the pencil drawings inside the book.

I was going to add other books but then I changed my mind, I believe it is better to have small sips than drink it all immediately. Of course you’re more than welcome to share your inspirational children books.

UPDATE – Jeannine shared one of her favoutire book The Chinese Bug


2 thoughts on “Inspiration – Children Books : The Magic Pudding

  1. My all time favourite illustrations and stories are from Tove Janssson who wrote the moomins series and comics. I also like the illustrations from modern books.

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