Open letter

Dear blog,

I’m so sorry for having not written to you for such a long time.

I’ve been spending the last three months doing an unpaid, but at least interesting, internship: I’ve been writing and translating and I met some wonderful people. But I didn’t not forget you, nor my art that you so patiently welcome everytime. You know too well my final goal is being an artist and you know too well how hard it is for me now but I’ll keep my promise. As a first token I want to let you know that an Italian artistic association (LA MANO) invited me to participate in an exhibition and a contest. I’m so proud of this little thing I’m going to use some of THAT money to buy me the three boards needed to participate and to pay for the entry fee and, since it is also a contest, I might even win, who knows?

OH! By the way, I’ve finally started the Transoceanic Art Project: the long sheet of paper left Serbia some days ago and who knows where it is headed now 🙂

Jessica recieved my mail art answer and liked it a lot and I’m proud of what I was able to make and glad she liked it: here it is her blogpost. She’s such a lovely young woman and I’m so glad we met. Someday I’ll go all the way to Canada to meet her in person (once I’ll get rich and famous or at least not this broke :))

I think I’m done.

Looking forward to hearing from you,





3 thoughts on “Open letter

  1. Even if you’re not going to be rich and famous in this life, you should always be proud, for the shape of your heart is uncommon and rare as a shiny diamond. I hope with all my strength, that the brightness you share with everyone around, will someday bring you everything you ever wanted.

  2. I am very excited about the collaboration you initiated and can’t wait to participate. I have a collaborative journal right now from @brownpaperbunny and am having fun with it. Thanks again for the mail – yes it was such a thoughtful and sweet reply – very appreciated. Will of course make you something special soon, just so busy with art-making! i need to find time to squeeze in mailart (seems to often happen in the wee hours of the night). You are always welcome to come to Canada and you can always sleep on our couch – although I live in a small town, next to trees in the middle of nowhere… not sure if that’s the kind of vacation you’re looking for… BUT only 5 hours from vancouver (the busiest, most awesome place in CANADA maybe short of Toronto but who cares). I hope you find a bit more time for art-making… looking forward to seeing what you produce. all the best ❤

  3. Hi, Valeria:)

    It is a funny idea to write a letter to your blog.
    The special invitation is very exciting!
    It is very worthy to communicate with other artists.

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