Another commission… sort of

I’m recovering from some kind of flu and thought it would be good to let you see another one of my “family commission”. This time I’m going to show you a present made for my mum, the constant gardener of our home. I chose wood and went for unprimed surface, well, I know now that I hate it… it sucks up color and drives you mad so beware of unprimed wood! I have to say I HAD primed one side but then opted for the other because it looked better (I know, I know). Half way I thought I was going to start again, covering everything with a thick layer of white paint and act as if it was paper but then choosing wood would have been pointless and I kept going until I won 🙂

progress 005
This time i used a blue pencil. See? I learnt something from the past two commissions!

progress 006

At this point I thought I was going to cover everything up because the skin color and the wood color were THE SAME hue, man! I wouldn’t have done it I had wanted to!

progress 007

progress 008

progress 009
Green! You don’t know where to go? Go green!

progress 010
And this is a progress shot with a hint of ONE of my two “art places”, AKA living room.

Here it is!

particolare 001
And of course a close up! My mum love peonies  and this is supposed to be a peony in her favoirite color: violet.

And this is it, I really wish I had more time to paint. I feel at easy only when I’m painting and covering myself in blotches of color.

On a side note: I started a little series of “drawn Kokeshi dolls” and a triptych with a theme similar to Biologica.


5 thoughts on “Another commission… sort of

  1. I love the softness and the detail. Glad you stuck it out with the unprimed surface because it really adds another level of texture. Happy to see you doing what you love most again. xo

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