(Studio) Space Tour

My studio underwent a long and troubled mutation: from ” just clutter” to “more clutter” to “barely organized” to finally “something you can call a studio”. Fortunately, for me and my reputation, the only photos I have document the last two stages. Maybe I showed you, somewhere back in March or April, the “barely organized” phase with joyful expressions of joy. Well, forget it, forget it all. NOW I have a space I can call a STUDIO. Probably every artist dreams about owning a space that’s their and that they can lock themselves into for hours (days?) and see if the Muse can keep up. I have. I have been dreaming of this moment for years. I’m a shy person, especially when it comes to show people unfinished pieces even if these people are my mom and dad and (occasionally) my sister and my boyfriend so you can imagine how much I wanted a door to close to mess with my paint. I’ve always dreamed about a wide space, filled with natural light and drawers and bookshelves and posters and whatever-is-colorful… (See? I’m disorganized even in my dreams).

But I don’t own a big house facing the ocean or a wood (who knows where I’ll be in the near future?) and I’ve to make my lemonade with the lemons I have so let’s cut the bla blab and go straight to the see see:


Focus on what’s ABOVE the desk πŸ™‚

As you can see I love books and collecting small objects… and I like Winnie The Pooh…



These are close-ups of a pencil sharpner and a hole puncher I found in a lost drawer in my grandparents’ house. They’re very old but I’d never throw them away: 1) they look gorgeous, 2) they do their job (especially the sharpner!), and 3) they belonged to my beloved grandparents who live no more.

There are other objects on the bookshelves and if you look really hard you might be able to see them in the first photo, but I didn’t take pictures of them because I want to save them for the next time so stop staring or you’ll ruin the effect πŸ™‚


5 thoughts on “(Studio) Space Tour

  1. Wow, your studio rocks. It’s amazing how much one’s studio can benefit or hinder the creation of artwork! I’m trying to be better about keeping mine clean and organized. πŸ˜‰

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