Inspiration – Read out loud

Let’s face it: the Internet opened up billions of possibilities to everyone.

You like to sing and want people to listen to you? You can upload a video to YouTube or a MP3 on Myspace and you can bet there will be someone miles away from you clicking on the PLAY button and listening to you. You draw and want people to see your drawing? Set up a blog and spread the news! Keeping people coming for more is a whole different story but you get the point.

I recently discovered something really amazing and interesting on the Internet: the realm of free magazines and catalogues. I’m not going to review all the different digital newsstands out there, I just want to share some of the wonderful things I found and that, I believe, can spark a new idea in every artistic mind.

The first magazine I want to share is BAK. Maybe you already know it but I didn’t and want to share the gorgeous cover of issue n. 14 with you, why? Because I love this roaring bear:

The second image comes from a Spring/Summer 2011 catalogue I saw on somebody’s blog (sorry unnamed source!): Tine K Home.

This one, well I’m not too sure what it is but I love the color schemes! Hodgepodge Vol. 1

See? There are tons of other beautiful magazines out there and many await only a chance. Do you have any favourite online magazine you would like to share? I’d love to do another post with YOUR favourite ones. Don’t be shy!


One thought on “Inspiration – Read out loud

  1. ooh i love these selection, i can’t think of many at the tops of my head but i do enjoy reading burst magazine and ammo, also some collab zines seen on
    all is awesome!

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