Here we go again!

I’m quite speechless at the moment but feel the need to write about it. I’ll be taking part in another group show: Artprize 2011.

I’m so happy, especially because I created the piece for this show in 2 DAYS… maybe I shouldn’t say it, it sounds un-professional but this is what happened:

Three days before leaving for my well deserved vacation I recieved a mail about this new exhibition, organized by the same glorious duo (Ilaria Pergolesi & Angelo Ribezzi) who let me in my first group show.

I didn’t have anything ready or in progress and was going to send them my mom’s B-day present but it was too big. I started sketching like there was no tomorrow and ended up with this:

My lovely dad bought me the wood to work on and I started painting happily.

my thoughts_progress_001

my thoughts_progress_003

Then… disaster. Her hair were driving me mad. I knew I was messing it up.

For the first time I gave up.

my thoughts_progress_004

Covered it all in white paint and then stared at those blotches of color in terror. What do I do now? As I frantically searched something useful among my sketches I read, or better misread (I’m a mole without my glasses on), a word on an illustration book I was perusing looking for inspiration and the idea boomed in my brain.

I drew and painted and painted and painted. And hoped.

my thoughts_progress_005

my thoughts_progress_006

Today I recieved another mail telling me that I was one the lucky artists who made it to the exhibition.

I think I can cry now.

Oh, almost forgot to show you the final piece! Eh eh

The complete title is:

“My Toughts look at me with fishes’ eyes” – Erin Nowadigger

You have to know there’s a series of sketches I’ve been expanding for a year now. They’re all portrait of “weird” female characters who I imagined pose for an interview and the title are answers to a sipme question: “Tell me about what are you’re thinking now in this very moment.” Hence the names. I’ve at least another couple ladies ready for a coat of thick paint. And someday I’ll understand why I feel the need to title everything I’m doing these days using the words “mind”, “thoughts”, “thinking”. Freud where art thou?!

my thoughts look at me with fishes' eyes

my thoughts detail 002

my thoughts detail 004


4 thoughts on “Here we go again!

  1. Beautiful Valeria! Congrats on another exhibition too, that’s great! Whenever I am teaching workshops, I have something that I say a lot, and I also pass it onto other creatives: The best artists are problem-solvers. Things don’t always go according to plan, so tackling challenges & hurdles will only make you a better artist. all the best from Canada.

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