Artistic miracles and other incidents

I love a good sheet of paper and the bigger the better is my motto but then I end up painting small and intricated pictures. I’ve given up trying to reason with my artistic self and just let it go.

Some days ago I bought a new pen and tried it on a new drawing pad (an enormous drawing pad carefully divided into smaller parts). I was so happy with the resulting little drawing. They were just as I had envisioned them: simple, clean black lines on white surface.

I had used a pencil for the underdrawing and had to erase the lines. Behold! The ink was still wet and smeared all around the paper… I was going to throw everything away.

I then looked up and saw something. My portable brush (a japanese gimmick a friend in London bought me). IF the ink was still wet, I could add “wetness” and color. And so I did.

Watercolor drops fell everywhere on the paper and then ran here ad there. The result was far beyond what I had expected. I’ve just discovered another way I can paint.


And now the final result of the messy experiment: Mindscapes!


4 thoughts on “Artistic miracles and other incidents

  1. Your new blog layout is looking so amazing! It really shows off your work. I love your latest miracle and the cute clothespins you used to pin them to the branches.

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