London Call

Back at the end of January, if I remember correctly, I stumbled upon an exhibition opportunity by Art Caffe London. I fiddled with the idea but in the end was about to give up sending the form. I lacked a bit of self-confidence. Ok, more than just a bit. In the end I sent the form but was still in the “they’re not gonna call me” mood. Until I recieved an e-mail which kindly invited me to send my paintings because the gallery wanted to show my work in the exhibition! I couldn’t believe it.

I’m that naive, people.

I’m the kind of person who always says “please” and “Thank you” and feel flattered by any form of human kindness.

So the paintings went all the way up to London and the exhibition lasted from 2 to 10 of March.

Now, I was going to write to the extremely gentle and lovely Nadia (you’re one of the sweetest person in the whole world, you know?), the curator, to set up a coming back journey for the aforementioned paintings but, oh wonder, she wrote me first and, to make a long story short, I guess I’ll have to book a plane ticket if I miss those paintings!

What did Valeria learn from this? That she needs more gut!

And now, some pictures for your solely pleasure!

Here it is a photo the day before they left for London:

Maybe you’ll recognize at least one of the paintings but in case you missed it they are in all their framed glory:


And I Want You To See
and i want you to see


Too Weak
too weak

And now a couple pictures from Natural Born Moody opening night and La Dolce Vita Fair 2012:

If you want to see the whole album click HERE and HERE. And if you’re interested in purchasing the paintings please drop me and/or Nadia a line!

PS: to those who love a good “my artistic process” post: don’t fret, it’s coming!


4 thoughts on “London Call

  1. Wow! Congratulations! Your works are very atractive:) I hope more many people have a chance to see your works in London.

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