Spring is toxic

la primavera è tossica

This is a “quick” piece with black ink on watercolor stained watercolor paper.
The sentence which sparked this is from a dear friend of mine, Lorenzo. The poor thing is allergic to pollen and spring is like Hell on Earth for him. The other day he bursted and said “Spring is toxic!” and the idea popped in my mind. There are no progress shot because, well, there is not much to say about it. I drew then inked the drawing. I knew from the beginning I wanted the mask to be a big spot of black againts the colorful and happy background made of random blotches of watercolor.

Spring is toxic,
like some kisses you can’t forget,
like some hugs you can’t let go of,
like some lovers you can’t touch,

Spring is toxic
but I must go on.

40×50 cm black ink and watercolor on watercolor paper


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