I’ve always been fascinated with ancient mithology especially by those secondary characters who usually don’t get that much attention. Iris is probably one of those characters though her role is not so secondary. Messenger of the Gods, she is the personification of the rainbow and is in charge of linking humanity and Gods. So you see she is not someone you can do without. No progress shots this time. Let’s just say I improvised as I painted her.


This is the initial sketch. No, those little fluffy things didn’t last long, but I liked them enough to draw them on a separate sheet of my sketchbook so they may pop up somewhere else in the future.

Iris will be part of Arteggiamoci 2012, collective exhibition organized by the ever wonderful Ilaria and Angelo. May 19 – 26. If you happen to be in Rome… you know….


2 thoughts on “Iris

  1. Pretty rainbow hair! I was expecting the flower but I should have known it would be a girl. You have painted so many charming characters. I’d love to see them all displayed together one day. πŸ™‚

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