Goodbye goodbye little bundle of paper :)

Off it goes! What? You may ask, raising an eyebrow. Well well. Let’s put it simple. The dearest Kimi asked me to take part in an art journak project. The most amazing 100% FEMALE  talents around the world are involved… and me. No, don’t raise the other eyebrow now! Let me finish this ok?

When this kind of exciting things happens to me I always end up forgetting crucial things. This time I forgot to take a picture of the journal when it arrived, for example. But who, you may ask again – you make a lot of questions, you know? – sent this journal to me? The infinitely kind Anna – Hey Anna, I’m an emotional little child and you made me cry, now you know it –

And next? IF italian mail system works the next gal on the list is…..


TANYA! I love her style and fell in love with the header of her blog the first time I stumbled upon her site. Tanya, dear, man i hope the pachage make it to you.

And now just to give you an idea of what i did, here they are my spreads:


Kimi asked us to do a selfportrait and she was right when she kinda imagined what I would do. This is Valeria in Valeria Style with some of the things I love: taking pictures with my camera, painting, drinking tea, watching goldfishes swim around, love ( I love love, how cheesy is that?)


The second spread was about our hometown. I live in Rome but staied clear of Coloseum and such. I wanted to create a picture which represented MY personal feelings about my hometown. Rome is messy, glorious, lively and (at least I hope) this drawing should convey these aspects.

Ok, end of this nonsensically structured post!

Click on all the link I spread, otherwise, I’ll be angry and you don’t want me to get angry!


2 thoughts on “Goodbye goodbye little bundle of paper :)

  1. Valeriaaaaaaa! Absolutely loved reading this fun post! You are so cute the way you express yourself, and I think your drawings say that about you too. ^_^ Your self-portrait is totally fun and you are right ~ very similar to what I guessed you might do. The pen drawings of Roma are delightful and I adore the curious aspects you’ve chosen with the wolves, cats, acqueducts, history and chaos of the city. One day I must definitely visit you there! Hope that day is not too far away… 🙂

    Thank you so very much for your personal contribution to our collective art piece! As the book travels on, I feel such huge appreciation for each artist giving a bit of their own heart to its pages. Thank you, thank you! Un bacione a te, e un abraccio forte forte. ❤

  2. They look amazing!
    So recognizably you! Both of them! The beautiful colours! And your Rome drawing certainly is glorious and lively 😀
    aaah 😀 I can’t wait I can’t wait I can’t wait to have them here!!!!! aaaaaall those beautiful illustrations!

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