The story so far

In which I should apologize (again?) for not being active.
Truth is I am developing a bad habit: I start different project at the same time and drag them around for a looong time. My FB friends have been seeing WIP images every now and then and those 2 (yes, they are just two) paintings are still in progress. On the other hand I have a bunch of “easier” pieces made on watercolor paper with black ink and watercolor drops. I even bought a couple new pens and tried them on the bigger one.

Oh, almost forgot! I created a Behance profile and set up a little shop. You can view it here. I created a portfolio for my proper paintings and another one for the “paper works”. Some of the paper pieces such as La Primavera è tossica and Biologica are for sale in case you were going to start collectng Xmas presents early 😉
And, yes, the crappy little picture Instagram-style at the beginning is another small ink piece waiting patiently for a better picture. I am exploring my graphic side and I am liking it a lot.


This is Gocce (Drops). My mum asked me if it was Xmas related due to the pendants. Shame on me for thinking I had a new unconventional idea.

Collage mini_01

Collage mini_02

These are the little paintings I kept myself busy with. I either work on the biggest piece of paper available or cut paper down and paint these miniatures. They’re roghly A5 dimension.


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