Christmas commissions roundup: 1 commission

When Christmas comes, people struggle to find the perfect gift and what cold be more heartfelt than a painting made especially for the one you love? Something you won’t find in any store… simply because it hasn’t beed done yet. This year I was the proud “instrument” of two special gifts, commissioned pieces you would call them. It was an honor for me, as always.

The thrill of taking part in a gift for a special occasion, that I-am-special-too feeling mixed with a bit of Hey-I-am-good kind of epiphany.

The sweat over the sketches trying to find the best way to make it all come together in the end. Sometimes you have big ideas but little boards, sometimes you have detailed ideas but little time to accomplish everything. Sometimes you simply don’t like what is coming out of your pencil.

The deadline, oh, God bless deadlines which force you to think fast and paint even faster and stop rummaging over every brush stroke, and send sparks of adrenaline down your spine when, after leaving the paint drying for a night, you come back to the painting and pat yourself on the shoulder for the good job.

I have to admit I like to break my routine with commissioned pieces even if I fear them: they are unexpected, unpredictable and have to please so many different people you can feel a bit overwhelmed. Then you hear a “THANK YOUUUUUUU It’s beautiful” over the phone and you know you’ve done a good job.

Ok, so, and now let the image showdown begin:

First commission: Family portrait: mom, dad and two sons… three MALE faces in the same painting, are you kidding? No. But, hey, we did it. I was asked to work from a photo so no composition stress, I just added a bit of Xmas feeling wth a white dress for the Mom, sweaters for the elder son and Dad and a green baby suit for the toddler.

Family portrait commission 01 Family portrait commission 02 Family portrait commission 03I forgot to take a picture before delivering but someone else fixed the problem for me ad now… A Happy Whirl of Laughter and Joy”


… Stay tuned for the second and third update!


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