Christmas commissions roundup: 2 commission

Do you remember the first commission?

Here it is the second!

Second commission: Two sisters, two young amazons. Another group portrait but this time no boys on the horizon just two girls and two horses. Last time I drew a horse was last year. I painted them for years when I was young then stopped but fortunately body memory works and they were the easiest part.

I wanted the horses to be a mirror to the girls personalities: solid and rock-hard but still impetuous for the red-haired, airy and free but sweet for the dark-haired sister. Composition was a bit hard due to the size of the board but polishing it here and there they now live happily side by side.

My smartphone ate all the progress shots, you’ll have to imagine it, but knowing me you can easily tell what came first and what I left for last.

girls commission

Aren’t they gorgeous? (And I bet you can’t tell who’s who)

commission two sistersI recently read that it is a good habit to title what you do so, here it is “Brave and Untamed”


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