Christmas commissions roundup: 3 commission

After The Family Portrait and Brave and Untamed, third commission was a long and bouncy road to success but, man, I could not be more proud of the final result. Composition started with 3 people in the painting ( too many people for a 40×50 cm board), to two people (still quite messy and unfocused), to only one character which had to represent the life and, most of all, the job, of two twin sisters who worked as hair stylist for their entire life and recently retired, hence the complicated and vaguely ‘700- inspired hairdo.

The frame… oh the frame… something you don’t see often around my paintings, isn’t it? You know what, it is painted but it fooled everyone, which means I can paint a convincing wood frame and that I MAY be able to do it again… and it is signed (I always forget to sign my paintings, a bad bad habit).
Look at me

Oh, and it got a title too: “Look at me”


One thought on “Christmas commissions roundup: 3 commission

  1. Fun to see all your recent commissions and the progress shots. This one is especially beautiful with the piled hair, and I love how personal you are with your subjects. I bet each painting is really loved by its owner(s). ❤

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