Crocodiles & Whales

il coccodrillo bianco01Animals are by far the best source for lyrical images. You look at a lion and feel power, pride, menace. You put an animal in the hands of an artist and 99,999 % of the times chances are you’ll discover something new. About you, mostly. This is what happened to me when Il coccodrillo bianco (White Crocodile) bloomed in my sketchbook. The image kept calling me and I had a spare board (I always have at least ONE spare board to paint on) and I turned the sketch in a full fledged painting. Something got lost and something new appeared. I like this “give and take”.


Crocodiles are powerful but, if I think about them, the first thing that comes to my mind are their teeth. Stinging teeth. Like thorns. Like that idea that scratches under the surface of consciousness. You try to reach out to that idea but, in trying, you get stuck and bruised and what you actually collect is a fragment of that idea. Nothing more. And on that fragment you build your world.


On a separate note: Piccole Inutilità Quotidiane found a new home up north. I am happy and sad at the same time.


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