Valeria versus the Instagram


I made this big step. Everybody’s there! Come join us! Never had problems with social networks but Instagram had a steeper learning curve. Especially when I wanted to find cool people to follow. After tons of kittens, cups of coffee, trees, shoes, you know what, gold started appearing. Gold as in “inspiring works by other artists”. If you want to come and say hi look for @valeriadraws (or click on the rainbow badge!). I am still deciding how to manage my profile. Any advice?

I wish I could disappear

I know, I know, you at the back row. You don’t know what Instagram is, you don’t like it… I get it. And to help you getting to the end of this post here it is a late night drawing made playing with negative space made on the MOST BEAUTIFUL AND SMOOTH WATERCOLOR PAPER EVER (it’s Fabriano Studio 300g). I don’t like smooth paper but this is gorgeous and a joy to use. I decided to try it with pencils. Those little swirls are made with a gold gel pen. Nice touch. Paper is a warm white. It’s sturdy but docile. If you can, try it. Fabriano people, if you read this and you have a spare block, I’m here!

And, tomorrow, 7pm is the opening night for my new group show, IncantARTI alla Domus, in Rome. There’ll be snapshots, somewhere on the Web.


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