What is the color of death?

Sometimes FB is the best source for inspiration. I’m not that big of a fan of this social network but it is not that bad, if you know how to handle it. In my feed, some time ago appeared an intriguing headline about scientists who photographed death. Not a dead person/animal but the moment death touches us, or better, the moment death touched a microscopic worm (here it is the news). A blue wave is a fascinating image, lyrical in its unavoidability. Death is commonly depicted as something black coming and taking you away all of a sudden and this blue wave spreading through the body is at least a bit more… colorful, if not reassuring. My head played with the idea,  the worm shape, the color, a livid body and it all ends up in The Blue Ribbon.

Blue ribbon progress 01blue ribbon detail 01blue ribbon detail 02


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