Honoring Andy Warhol and Pop Culture

For the last two weekends I painted a dustbin in a known mall in Rome, ROMAEST.

I haven’t gone nuts: I was contacted by an art association to take part in a project to paint an homage to Andy Warhol. They wanted to bring Pop Art in the place that best represent Pop Culture, a crowded mall. There is an ongoing Andy Warhol exhibition which will end around the end of the month.

I was asked to create a painting which could depict Rome, the city, its history, its icons, in a Pop style. I thought a lot and explored many ideas until I found something satisfactory. This is the final sketch and from left to right you have: the Gazometro, the Roman She-Wolf, the Sanpietrini and Anita Ekberg (who recently passed away so this ends up being an homage to a great woman as well).

a Pop of Rome sketch


During the first weekend I worked on the Sanpietrini and sketched everything. I was, I think, the only one without some pieces of paper to look at and the reason is that I am cooler… nope… the reason is that I lost the sketch as I got to the mall.a Pop of Rome sanpietrini

We were given the possibility to take one of our painting with up and I chose Creatures of Snow for this first weekend. Children were in awe and intrigued by the image. Adults and adolescents were much more critical (and a bit cynical) but I tried not to listen to them as they mutter “Oh, I could do it better” passing me by as if I could not listen to them behind that mighty plastic chain…a Pop of Rome She-Wolf  Anita

I had not planned which colors to use ( I seldom do) and improvised as I painted but I believe the final result is stylish and… Pop. We were asked to create a list of what we needed to paint and I put in there the colors I am most comfortable using and the ones I knew could grant me the freedom I needed so I asked for black, white, Sienna, primary red/blu and yellow, a reddish ocher a Pop of Rome finished 1

a pop of Rome finished 2

a Pop of Rome finished 3I met some interesting people but kept quietly painting by myself most of the time. My parents, sister, uncles and aunts and some dear friends came to see me and give a bit of much needed support.

In the end this is an experience I was so scared at the beginning but missed sorely when I was told I could go because time was up.


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