Pattern Painting and Podcast Listening

I created a new series of (almost) square little watercolor paintings “Pattern paintings”. When I was 19 I wished to attend CalArts, California Arts institute, and even went so far as to try their test to see in which branch of “art” I would do best.

It turned out I would make great patterns for textiles. It is true I love painting my girls but I nonetheless find peace in creating patterns, paying attention to color comp, trying to juxtapose the elements in a natural yet fluid way. Maybe this love for patterns finally found its outlet in this small paintings series in which there are no human beings but human presence is clearly visible.

The first in the series, Summer Patio, is now available in my Etsy Shop as an open edition print. Image size is about 14 x 15 cm (5’5” x 5’9”) with a 1,2 cm (4”) white border for easy framing and it is printed on smooth 220 g/m2 paper. Here you are a teaser of the four original paintings.

summer patio teaserkitchen teaserreading room teasergreenhouse  teaser

If you’re plant lovers you’ll love these small original terrarium paintings which are available in my Etsy Shop as well.

As I painted these I jotted down another couple ideas for other small paintings I really can’t wait to work on: one project will be related to cooking and the other to landscape and architecture. Don’t forget to check my Instagram account for behind the scenes pics on these and other projects!

I also finally discovered how inspiring it is listening to podcasts as I paint. I’m in my first week of podcast listening and I have already found some really good people I like to listen to:

While she naps

Explore your enthusiasm (LUV U Tara)

Smart creative women

I use an Android app, Podcast Addict, which is free and easy to use and let you easily catch up with all the past episodes. I’m now using it to listen to these podcasts “backwards” but, given the weather, it is not that odd listening to people wishing you a Merry Xmas! XD

Do you have any podcasts you like listening to?


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