#the100dayproject Week 1 of #100daysofhanddrawnpatterns

I’m taking part in The Great Discontent #the100dayproject and for me they will be first and foremost 100 days of… well creativity.
100 days to let go of fear.
Let go of judgment.
Let go of “I can’t”.
100 days to embrace the endless possibilities that lie ahead every day and every moment and that I too often just let slip away because I am too focused on trying to foresee the outcome on the longest term, but art and creativity live for the moment, your brain/soul/muse tells you NOW “Go, paint/sew/run/laugh/whatever”. True, you can ascribe something to the “art” category only if it survives time, but I won’t be here 100 years from now to see if one of my paintings, one of my drawings or my clay necklaces will become a work of art so why bother? My creativity lives with me now and I have to let it shine now. This is why I welcomed with a thrill this project. I could have thought it myself but, and this is something I learned this week, you sometimes need someone else to give you limits to flourish. Elleluna gave me, gave all of us creative people, a time and a rhythm and then I chose my instruments. I decided to use something small, something I could carry with me: a dear friend of mine gave me, some 5 years ago, a little daily planner as a Xmas present and I thought it could be its time.
I started, following the rules, April 6 (and discovered that 2015 and 2009 share the same days :D) with a simple orange coated pencil, one of those pencils you find everywhere and decided I didn’t want to use an eraser. I would embrace the process and never judge my strokes.

1429649089207 (1)
Day 0:


Day 1:


Day 2:


Day 3:


Day 4:


Day 5:


Day 6:


Day 7:


If you want to follow my daily update you can check me on Instagram

Oh and there are some marvelous people doing this along with me. Let me introduce to you:
Allison Anne who is a mailartserialproducer 🙂 and decided to create 100 stamps to embellish her mails (and she’s got gorgeous hair too!!!)

We’re (social) friends and it’s her who mentioned and spread the word about this project so she deserves a special moment here also!

I’m also following on Instagram:

the wonderful Anne Talhelm who’s rocking it like a pro with a photography related project;

the sweet Sara who is creating a little “embroidery encyclopedia” showing a new stitch every day and i have to admit she’s pushing me to try again my hand with cross stitch, shame on you Sara!

the creative Karolina who’s letting the whole world know what she can’t eat, and God knows how deeply I can understand her, since I cannot eat anything with cow milk in it 😦 but, hey, her project deserves to be followed!

The colorful Evie who’s a talented illustrator and a master in color schemes (hope you don’t mind, Evie, if I save your palettes :D)

And soooo many other projects and people (I follow mostly women but this is just a coincidence). You can still choose your project and join this band of merry (wo)men!! Choose your #tag and take the plunge!!!


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