#the100dayproject Week 2 of #100daysofhanddrawnpatterns

Week 2 in my #100daysofhanddrawnpatterns was a roller coaster but I’m back with both feet on the ground now. I spent some days with my family and one of the drawing was made in my old house. As usual I let the world inspire me and if you’re my friend on Instagram you know I like taking visual notes of what I saw during the day, movies included.


Day 8: the100dayproject_100daysofhanddrawnpattern_08 Day 9the100dayproject_100daysofhanddrawnpattern_09 Day 10 the100dayproject_100daysofhanddrawnpattern_10 Day 11 the100dayproject_100daysofhanddrawnpattern_11 Day 12 the100dayproject_100daysofhanddrawnpattern_12 Day 13 the100dayproject_100daysofhanddrawnpattern_13 Day 14 the100dayproject_100daysofhanddrawnpattern_14 This week I would like to introduce you another great #the100dayproject I just discovered: Hollandloop  is creating a colorful and enchanting series of abstract paintings which is just lovely ❤ Last week I also revamped the photos of my Terrarium Series in my Etsy Shop just to show the world how gorgeous they are, how modest I am 😉 and they are now only 12.00 euro each and you know your greenthumbed-mum would love one of these ❤ You, on the other hand, can coordinate your PC screen downloading this free wallpaper. I’m also working on a series of stuffed abstract brooches which I’m planning to put in my shop.IMG_20150415_111058 Oh, and in case you missed it, Week 1 is here.


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