#the100dayproject Week 3 of #100daysofhanddrawnpatterns

Another week passed in my #100daysofhanddrawnpatterns. This week inspiration came from nature: insects, rocks, flowers (oh, the flowers). And I am glad I’m still feeling motivated and fighting to squeeze in the time to draw in my hectic daily routine. I almost skipped last day of this week but immediately fixed the situation.1430169231612

I am also trying to spread the word about my Etsy Shop, where you can find a collection of terrarium inspired original watercolor paintings (and I am adding a couple more pieces) and a bunch of colorful prints in limited edition. And this (shameless act of) self-promotion reminds me Mother’s Day is coming and I need to find a gift for my super super Mom. Did you find the perfect gift? Are you still searching? Maybe I can help!

I am also working on a series of funny embroidered brooches. I painted on a vintage white shirt fabric I found in my granny’s house some years ago with fabric markers, and I am now sewing the brooch clip on the back. As a finishing touch I will be embroider the brooches with abstract stitches. Some of these will be in my shop as well for you to buy and treasure 🙂
And here we go with this week patterns!

Day 15
Day 16
IMG_20150421_231540Day 17
Day 18
IMG_20150423_225526Day 19
Day 20
IMG_20150426_101011Day 21
The project I would like to introduce you this week is made up of tiny, and I really mean tiny, buttons which it0423 uses as small canvas to create incredibly sweet images. Go check her out! And don’t forget we can be friend on IG as well 🙂 You can find me here.


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