Easy origami box tutorial

When it comes to selling, either online or in a brick and mortar shop, packaging is like the final cherry on your cupcake: it can make it or break it.

My parents always encouraged me pursuing my dreams and hobbies and this is why I opened my Etsy Shop but way, and let me stress WAAAAY, before opening my shop, my younger sister and me always played around doing the most diverse things. I usually spent my free time drawing and crocheting clothes for my Barbie and she pretended to be a baker or did Origami. She’s such a patient person I’ve always admired how she can turn a piece of the most plain paper into some beautiful animal or object. I tried my hand and did decent but she’s simply awesome at it.

And you may ask, what does it have in common with packaging and selling?

It has more than you can imagine. Thanks to her I discovered, not so long time ago, how easy it is to create a cold porcelain like dough to create little things. I jumped at the idea and started making beads for my necklaces and little houses as home decore. Some of these little houses I grouped in villages and were planning to sell them in my shop but something was bugging me: packaging. How could I be true to my eco friendly business and still send something cute people would actually want to receive? Shaking my head in front of the tall stacks of ready made boxes I kept on seeing all around me, it hit me! I was going to make origami boxes!

origami box tutorial

After giving myself a mental high five for my cleverness, I started rummaging about the paper to use. Buying fancy paper was an option but I wanted something more green (not the hue) and with a warm, homemade style vibe. Both my parents worked when I was a little girl and I spent many afternoon at my grandparents’ house and I remember the flowers on the wallpaper they used to decorate their bedroom (such epic naps I took on their bed!). Being old fashioned, or, more simply, being old, my granny chose a rose wallpaper and off course my Dad helped in putting it on the wall. Some of this wallpaper still hangs around my parents house and I stumbled upon it not too long ago. It was like a bond made in heaven: I would use that same wallpaper to make my origami boxes.

Wallpaper is a great paper to make origami, I found out. It is soft but not too soft and comes with a printed side and a blank side so you can create all fancy effects.

Looking both online and in my sister’s origami books I found a simple box your can make in less than 5 minutes, and the result is an elegant and moderately resistant box you can couple with a cover, which is nothing more than a box with a slight change halfway through. On this same website you can find all things made with origami technique and instructions are so easy to follow I didn’t even have to call my sister for help 😀

I made three set, or “villages”, of cold porcelain houses and they all now have a small rosey box.

yellow cold porcelain home decor pink cold porcelain home decor red cold porcelain home decor

You can keep up to date and be the first to know when I put the villages on my Etsy Shop by subscribing to my mailing list. Just follow THIS LINK.




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