Let’s make coffee and pineapple curd!

print etsy pineapple curd recipe

Outside is hot enough to make boiled eggs and I’m so glad I am inside my cool living room looking at one of the test prints for “Let’s make coffee!!“, the new digital print available in my Etsy Shop. I tried Austrian, Spanish and American coffee and always come back home longing for Italian coffee.funny quote printable art ety shop

Coffee is perfect when it’s cold outside but you can have a cool version too. Have you ever done a TIRAMISU???? No?! Man, you don’t know what life is if you’ve never tasted a tiramisu! I make a great tiramisu which is perfect even for those of you, like me, can’t eat milk. And talking about recipes…

Today I’d like to share with you a recipe: a pineapple curd I made for hubby’s bday back in February. He loves pineapples and I wanted to try something new. Thinking and browsing, browsing and thinking I found this zesty cream you can eat with a spoon, spread on bread like jam, use to fill cakes… sky’s the limit! I put it in glass cups and topped with a hint of whipped cream and chocolate chips. Do you want to save the recipe? Download the pdf file ready to be printed clicking on the image below.

lactose free pineapple curd recipeAnd now that I think of it… pineapple curd and coffee are such a great combination for a dinner dessert! Just try it.


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