I found a bunch of new friends and I like them so much

True to my blog I’m writing in English but this post is dedicated solely to ContamInAzione, a group of amazing (and I mean as amazing as Spiderman, Ironman and all the XXXXXX-men ever existed) people.

I work with this local group which aim is to help the town we live in grow, from a cultural perspective. They offer children help with homework, organize events and spread love whenever they can.
They found out I not only am able in teaching Spanish (and English) to children but I am also a painter and ask me from time to time to create something for their events. So far I painted a poster for a series of meetings they held focused on Contemporary History back in June and I was, more recently, involved in a farms-related event. I painted their menu and organized a painting workshop for children. I also did some other smaller (talking about dimensions) things but I wanted to share these two bigger projects ’cause they were so much fun!

Now, the poster: 2015-04-13 14.52.33

I could not resist and took a quick picture of the final printed poster they hung.

I decided what to paint coming back home the evening they told me they wanted a poster painted by me. It was dark and there were very few lights; I was walking and felt lost at times and started thinking about how difficult it is to walk when you can’t see the way just like it is to have a clear perception of History when you’re talking about things which are so close to you in time. But somehow you manage to do it and come home. You’re like an acrobat on a wire, balancing yourself. I placed a star on the pole to hint at European Union and painted the Berlin Wall beneath the acrobat as a clear symbol of XX century.
Here it is a closeup of the acrobat (who, obviously, is a woman):a spasso nel secolo breve contaminazioni luco

Now for the farms-related event. It was a fruit and vegetable baskets contest when you could eat some delicious food and I was in charge of painting the menu!

Here we are… me and the menu, just after the final touches. It was my first time in years with gouache but it was fun.
menu orto del vicino

orto del vicino menuTrue to the eco-friendly spirit of the event I painted on a recycled big sheet of cardboard.

And here you a glimpse of the workshop:

orto del vicino luco dei marsi children painting luco dei marsi orto del vicino orto del vicino luco dei marsi still life children painting workshop

We painted sitting on the grass, picnic style using famous still life paintings and real vegetables as our models, painting on other recycled cardboard. Children loved the experience and produced some amazing results. A three year old boy left us adults speechless when he picked up a pepper and placed it on his cardboard stating then “I painted a pepper!”: a 3-D contemporary art installation.

I took as many pictures as I could of their paintings and want to share them in an another post. I was given a space near some trees and tied a rope to the trees to hang our paintings. It was such a nice scene ❤


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