Brand new webshop for my digital prints on Dawanda

I opened a new webshop on Dawanda to sell digital prints of my paintings and illustrations. I decided to create a dedicated space just for digital products and am planning to shift my Etsy shop towards more “physical” products. Just follow the banner on the left and start shopping. My prints are in a low price range, 3.50 euros to 10.00 euros to let anyone buy what thy want. You can find funny A4 prints, abstract big A3/A2 posters and i just launched a new series of pattern paintings done digitally but which follow the same idea of the pattern paintings I’m selling on Etsy.

stampa digitale effetto gouache soggiorno giallo dawanda

Here you are a little teaser. I worked on Artweaver, a free painting program which those of you who have ever worked on Corel Painter will find familiar. I don’t like Photoshop, I use it as a photoediting program but I don’t seem to be able to make it do what I want when it comes to painting in a realisti way.

Okay, you could ask why should I want to paint digitally but with producing a traditional feeling. Truth is, I find painting digitally a bit more forgiving: you don’t waste paper and color and can experiment more. What I don’t do is using the “tricks”: no copy/paste, no clone, no effects. And i don’t work using the color wheel: I created a palette with the digital version of the colors I use when I paint traditionally and mix them as I paint.


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