Christmas freebie : Christmas inspired paper

My sister is a cook, specialized in cakes and cake design, and I was thinking about something sweet to give you as a little pre-Christmas gift. What do children, cooks and food lovers have in common? They love writing, either to Santa or to themselves to preserve dear recipes. Do you have a recipe you do every Christmas? Is there something you or your children would love to ask Santa? Why not using a Christmas inspired paper!

And here you are 5 different designs of Christmas inspired paper ready to be printed at home on A4 size sheets. You can print as many as you like and choose the design you like, every design is on an individual pdf file so no paper wasted.

The designs you can use are: reindeer cookie and panettone paper, red gingham ribbon paper, frosty terrarium paper, elves’ hats paper, and wreath paper. These design, if you like them, are also available in my shop as Christmas cards sets.

To download the freebie please click on the cookie and follow the link!

PS: Did I mention there is a COUPON CODE as a little bonus in the zip file? 😉 Just insert the big red word you see during checkout and et voilà!

biscotto rennaDo you have a favourite Christmas recipe? Something you have to eat/drink because “it’s not Christmas without…”? I’d love to hear from you, so go on and share!

Mine are gingerbread men, I love making them with lots of cinnamon and i love how my whole house smells once they’re out of the oven.


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