2015 Christmas commissions and a new Year’s gift for you!

This year I was commissioned 4 portraits as Christmas gifts. I was asked to paint an Italian Language teacher, a Math teacher and two families, and it was, as always, a really funny and really interesting experience.

For the teachers I used 12x17cm wood panels and went for a vintage feeling inspired by old photographs and rounded frames like those you see in Western movies with the young teacher wearing a brown skirt and a white blouse and with her hair neatly combed around her face.

The family portraits, both on 50×50 cm wood panels, were a lot easier and a lot more “contemporary” but I was asked to add a fake frame along the border and I have to admit it really gives the painting a more polished look. But feel free to judge for yourselves!

And now, as I promised, a little gift for your desktop: a free downloadable desktop January calendar for 2016! I used one of the patterns I created during my failed attempt at following the #100dayproject. The file is 1366×768 pixels.

free january 2016 desktop calendar

I am exploring my more illustrative self(and honing my digital skills along the way) and trying to develop a professional portfolio. I am planning on painting illustrations inspired by the upcoming issues of TaprootMagazine. I am going backward and started with the theme they will use on the winter 2016/2017 issue. The theme is “SHARE” and this is my take:

taprootmagazine share illustration valeria poropat valeria draws


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