A Klimt-esque portrait and an exhibition in the heart of Rome

It’s been some months now: people appreciate my style, my happy and childlike portraits and ask me to paint portraits to give as presents. It’s always such a honor to be involved in something so intimate as a gift and I really enjoy the process. This time I’m here to show you a small (dimension-wise) commission for a birthday present.

I was given a couple photos of the person and started playing around with a variety of ideas. Then, I kind of realized the person reminded me of Klimt’s images and I created a colorful and lushious background for her (‘cuz she’s a she 🙂 ). I was asked to paint something small, because, you know, money does not grow on trees but my idea would look horrible. Client was asked if I could use something bigger, at no additional cost obviously, and the result was exactly what I wanted and, I was told, was a delightful surprise.

klimt and me Valeria Poropat commissioned birthday present

Another mission accomplished! Proudproud me.

Talking about the exhibition: I have this series made of five paintings, exploring the relationship between Man and Nature and never got myself around to finish the last painting in the series. But the other paintings are finished and look good! (modest, uh?) so I put one of them on display in an exhibition in Rome, giving it a good company, as you can see from the picture down here.

Selezione Triennale Il Trittico Arte Contemporanea Spazio Macsi Valeria Poropat Roma.jpg

This exhibition is now over but Cosa Sappiamo Della Cina will be in Nemi in March: let’s say I want to push things a little and spread the word about my work.

Oh! One last note, I received a super sweet e-mail from a writer asking me if I was interested in illustrating her children rhyming book and I agreed immediately. We’re in an early stage but I really can’t wait to show you something!


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