China is coming home

Another exhibition is now over and What do we know about China is coming home. It spent a month in a place so full of magic and history in Nemi for Artinarte group show dedicated to Women and what they/we can do. I was in such good company ❤ and the gallery was an awesome place!

Easter is now over: I ate, and drank, and laughed and tried to absorb as much sun as I could while filling my tummy tummy with yummy stuff me, my Mum and my sister made. Now I am back home, and as I want to share something more and something new, here you are a new small digital-gouache painting. I have this fascinationa for kitchenware and, wandering through my Pinterest feed I was suggested this set of spoons. They were way too cute, too irregular and too heartwarming not to paint them. I really hope Heather doesn’t mind if I used some of her amazing products as my model.

cucchiaini_gouache_Painter_Valeria Draws_Valeria Poropat_Etsy

I have also received a really exciting mail from Adina, the Canadian writer I am working with on her children book. I sent her the first spread with a possible color scheme and style, she answered me telling me how thrilled she was and that I nailed, and went beyond, what she was imagining. Obviously I can’t still show you anything but I will soon, promise.

And, since March is coming to an end, here you are the April desktop calendar, don’t be a fool and download it!



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