Valeria Poropat lives and works moving between Rome and Avezzano (AQ). She has no formal training but she has never given up, exploring the vast universe of sensations and images hidden beneath the surface of everyday life. Following her taste, she has studied many of the great masters (her favourite are Michelangelo, and Caravaggio) to add other layers of meaning to her paintings. After a short parenthesis in the more figuratively traditional world, she developed her own vision and her own style, playing with shapes and colors and moving toward the surreal.

“I make art because it is the only way I feel I’m working to fulfill the main goal of my life: bring a little peace to the world. I can’t draw sad people, I would feel guilty for not giving them a chance to be happy, and I don’t aim for perfection, I aim for substance. A pretty picture means nothing if it’s done without a purpose.”

Cosa c’è dietro:

“Faccio arte perchè è l’unico modo che conosco per realizzare il mio scopo principale nella vita: portare un angolo di pace nel mondo. Non riesco a dipingere persone tristi, mi sentirei in colpa per non aver loro concesso una possibilità di essere felici. E non mi importa neanche della perfezione. Mi importa della sostanza. Una bella immagine non significa niente se non è creata con uno scopo.”

Publications – Volumi pubblicati


La Luna Porta Fortuna Edicolors Joy Division

Exhibitions – Mostre e partecipazioni


– Art Lover Passion in Rome – Roma

– Art Prize 2011 – Roma


– Natural Born Moody – London

– La Dolce Vita Fair 2012 – London

– Private Exhibition – Soho Gallery London

– Affordable Arts Fair vol. 4 – London


– AmARTI in Barcelona – Barcelona

– Venezia Project 2013 – San Donà di Piave

– 50 artisti x 1 museo – MIIT Torino

– Odds and Sods – Moorhouse Gallery London

– IncantARTI alla Domus – Domus Talenti Roma

– Fill The Empty Square – Ragusa

– ContemporaneART – Tagliacozzo

– Roma Visioni Pop – live painting – Roma

– Distant – Mail art Exhibition – Fær Øer Islands

– Flowers – Charity small format exhibition – München

– Insieme:Donna – Castello Ruspoli – Nemi

– Selezione Triennale Arte Il Trittico – Roma

– Finalista Premio ORA Spagna

– Incontri d’Arte – Roma

– Contemporanea Ventisedici – Tagliacozzo, Celano

– ArtInTheBox – Castello Ruspoli – Nemi

– 6×6 RoCo Fundrasing exhibition – Rochester Art Center – Rochester – NY

– Spring Exhibition – DAM LITTLE ART GALLERY – Boulder City – Nevada

– Punk is not dead – Mailart exhibition – Domus Romana Gallery – Roma

– Newsletter – Palazzo Ducale/Chiostro di S. Francesco – Tagliacozzo

– Flora – Personal Exhibition – Sala Ex Municipio – Luco dei Marsi

– The Big Draw 2017 – Parco Torlonia – Avezzano

– Colori e Sapori d’Autunno – Santa Jona


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  1. Hi Vale, I’m just now reading your blog for the first time and I remained astonished in discovering you under this profile and all your fantastic art, it’s really marvellous and I did not imagine how impressively your paintings and drawings are. You are an artist, my dear, no doubt, and besides this, your English is quite perfect in describing how a new work comes to life thanks to your accurate hand, perfect in depicting step by step all the phases of painting. It is a new discovery for us and we are really really very proud of you and wish you great success!! I’ll come back to your blog every now and then to check out new artistic creations and appreciate them, fantastic!! I would like my cousin Georgia to organize something for your art to be shared . May I ask you a copy (certainly against payment!) of your beautiful painting ‘La gabbia’?
    Kisses zia Sabrina

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