#artinthebox in Nemi

You have until January 8 to see and buy one of the paintings I created for the “Art In The Box” group shop organized by Artinarte in the whimsical Palazzo Ruspoli, in Nemi, near Rome.

They are all on 30×30 cm canvasses and made using charcoal and acrylic colors. I made the charcoal sticks myself and they have a pleasant brownish tone. Are you interested in buying one, or more? Just mail me!


Summer 2016

Summer’s quickly coming to an end here and my paintings just came back home from their little tour in Marsica. La Marsica AAC association organized Contemporanea Ventisedici, a two-city group show in Celano and in Tagliacozzo this past summer.

The paintings which took part in this tour are: “Somiglianza”, Sudditanza” and “Accoglienza” from Le cabinet de curiosités naturelles series.

Contemporanea Ventisedici 2016 - Tagliacozzo

Contemporanea Ventisedici 2016 - Celano

And since I’m here writing I want to show you the two latest wedding commissions. I love it so much when people come to measking to crete a unique gift for a new family 🙂

Love Couple_red an drums_ Valeria Poropat

wedding commission Valeria Draws

I had to show them together simply because they are close friends and were enthusiast about these “matching” gifts.

China is coming home

Another exhibition is now over and What do we know about China is coming home. It spent a month in a place so full of magic and history in Nemi for Artinarte group show dedicated to Women and what they/we can do. I was in such good company ❤ and the gallery was an awesome place!

Easter is now over: I ate, and drank, and laughed and tried to absorb as much sun as I could while filling my tummy tummy with yummy stuff me, my Mum and my sister made. Now I am back home, and as I want to share something more and something new, here you are a new small digital-gouache painting. I have this fascinationa for kitchenware and, wandering through my Pinterest feed I was suggested this set of spoons. They were way too cute, too irregular and too heartwarming not to paint them. I really hope Heather doesn’t mind if I used some of her amazing products as my model.

cucchiaini_gouache_Painter_Valeria Draws_Valeria Poropat_Etsy

I have also received a really exciting mail from Adina, the Canadian writer I am working with on her children book. I sent her the first spread with a possible color scheme and style, she answered me telling me how thrilled she was and that I nailed, and went beyond, what she was imagining. Obviously I can’t still show you anything but I will soon, promise.

And, since March is coming to an end, here you are the April desktop calendar, don’t be a fool and download it!


A Klimt-esque portrait and an exhibition in the heart of Rome

It’s been some months now: people appreciate my style, my happy and childlike portraits and ask me to paint portraits to give as presents. It’s always such a honor to be involved in something so intimate as a gift and I really enjoy the process. This time I’m here to show you a small (dimension-wise) commission for a birthday present.

I was given a couple photos of the person and started playing around with a variety of ideas. Then, I kind of realized the person reminded me of Klimt’s images and I created a colorful and lushious background for her (‘cuz she’s a she 🙂 ). I was asked to paint something small, because, you know, money does not grow on trees but my idea would look horrible. Client was asked if I could use something bigger, at no additional cost obviously, and the result was exactly what I wanted and, I was told, was a delightful surprise.

klimt and me Valeria Poropat commissioned birthday present

Another mission accomplished! Proudproud me.

Talking about the exhibition: I have this series made of five paintings, exploring the relationship between Man and Nature and never got myself around to finish the last painting in the series. But the other paintings are finished and look good! (modest, uh?) so I put one of them on display in an exhibition in Rome, giving it a good company, as you can see from the picture down here.

Selezione Triennale Il Trittico Arte Contemporanea Spazio Macsi Valeria Poropat Roma.jpg

This exhibition is now over but Cosa Sappiamo Della Cina will be in Nemi in March: let’s say I want to push things a little and spread the word about my work.

Oh! One last note, I received a super sweet e-mail from a writer asking me if I was interested in illustrating her children rhyming book and I agreed immediately. We’re in an early stage but I really can’t wait to show you something!

2015 Christmas commissions and a new Year’s gift for you!

This year I was commissioned 4 portraits as Christmas gifts. I was asked to paint an Italian Language teacher, a Math teacher and two families, and it was, as always, a really funny and really interesting experience.

For the teachers I used 12x17cm wood panels and went for a vintage feeling inspired by old photographs and rounded frames like those you see in Western movies with the young teacher wearing a brown skirt and a white blouse and with her hair neatly combed around her face.

The family portraits, both on 50×50 cm wood panels, were a lot easier and a lot more “contemporary” but I was asked to add a fake frame along the border and I have to admit it really gives the painting a more polished look. But feel free to judge for yourselves!

And now, as I promised, a little gift for your desktop: a free downloadable desktop January calendar for 2016! I used one of the patterns I created during my failed attempt at following the #100dayproject. The file is 1366×768 pixels.

free january 2016 desktop calendar

I am exploring my more illustrative self(and honing my digital skills along the way) and trying to develop a professional portfolio. I am planning on painting illustrations inspired by the upcoming issues of TaprootMagazine. I am going backward and started with the theme they will use on the winter 2016/2017 issue. The theme is “SHARE” and this is my take:

taprootmagazine share illustration valeria poropat valeria draws

Christmas freebie : Christmas inspired paper

Christmas paper freebie Valeria Draws Valeria Poropat

My sister is a cook, specialized in cakes and cake design, and I was thinking about something sweet to give you as a little pre-Christmas gift. What do children, cooks and food lovers have in common? They love writing, either to Santa or to themselves to preserve dear recipes. Do you have a recipe you do every Christmas? Is there something you or your children would love to ask Santa? Why not using a Christmas inspired paper!

And here you are 5 different designs of Christmas inspired paper ready to be printed at home on A4 size sheets. You can print as many as you like and choose the design you like, every design is on an individual pdf file so no paper wasted.

The designs you can use are: reindeer cookie and panettone paper, red gingham ribbon paper, frosty terrarium paper, elves’ hats paper, and wreath paper. These design, if you like them, are also available in my shop as Christmas cards sets.

To download the freebie please click on the cookie and follow the link!

PS: Did I mention there is a COUPON CODE as a little bonus in the zip file? 😉 Just insert the big red word you see during checkout and et voilà!

biscotto rennaDo you have a favourite Christmas recipe? Something you have to eat/drink because “it’s not Christmas without…”? I’d love to hear from you, so go on and share!

Mine are gingerbread men, I love making them with lots of cinnamon and i love how my whole house smells once they’re out of the oven.

1 sale on Dawanda or LET’S CELEBRATE!!!!

This morning I was still struggling with a devastating flu whem my phone bipped:

Hey! Someone bought something from your shop this very minute!

I was like Oooooh and then Ahhhhhh and then I ran out of bed and coughed my way to the laptop. And here it was! Ilaria (you can find her amazing art here) was so nice she bought two of my newest minipainting as a gift. I took pictures of the packet but you won’t see anything until I know it has reached its final destination! But you can see what I’m planning on putting on the store:

Aliana ink on watercolor paper Antoinette ink on watercolor paper Mary ink on watercolor paper

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Nature Loving Mom Christmas gift guide

Mom Christmas gift guide

I know, it’s early, halloween barely appeared on our Holy-radar and leaves are still on the trees but I really can’t help it: I’m always on the lookout for something unique and special for my Mom and if you’re just a tiny bit like me you’re starting getting obsessed with Christman presents NOW.

And since I love going shopping, or windowshopping, I’ve collected some of the most interesting, unusual and creative gifts for the woman of your life. Inspired by my own Mom, who is a garden fairy, I collected some nature-related gifts.

Did I tell you I chose only handmade things? 🙂Mom Christmas gift guideAnd here they are the links to the creations I chose (collage bg is mine):
Cream Owl Necklace- Hand painted wood pendant

TOP SELLER Color Greens Hanging Succulent Terrarium – Succulent Planter, DIY, Living Home Decor, Gift , Hanging Terrarium

Wooden gift coaster with printed typewriter style text ‘LOVE’ and pastel floral background – 1 pcs, gift ideas, handmade ; pencil cosmetics case small black and white geometric print

Fawn Deer Painting, Watercolor Art, Botanical Garden, Archival Print – Oh Deer

Ceramic Spoons Home Decor Handmade White Glaze – pair of spoons

Custom Painted Farm Flower Pots

PS: Don’t forget to buy/make a Christmas card to accompany your presents! Handwritten messages are such a nice things to receive ❤

Brand new webshop for my digital prints on Dawanda

new dawanda shop

I opened a new webshop on Dawanda to sell digital prints of my paintings and illustrations. I decided to create a dedicated space just for digital products and am planning to shift my Etsy shop towards more “physical” products. Just follow the banner on the left and start shopping. My prints are in a low price range, 3.50 euros to 10.00 euros to let anyone buy what thy want. You can find funny A4 prints, abstract big A3/A2 posters and i just launched a new series of pattern paintings done digitally but which follow the same idea of the pattern paintings I’m selling on Etsy.

stampa digitale effetto gouache soggiorno giallo dawanda

Here you are a little teaser. I worked on Artweaver, a free painting program which those of you who have ever worked on Corel Painter will find familiar. I don’t like Photoshop, I use it as a photoediting program but I don’t seem to be able to make it do what I want when it comes to painting in a realisti way.

Okay, you could ask why should I want to paint digitally but with producing a traditional feeling. Truth is, I find painting digitally a bit more forgiving: you don’t waste paper and color and can experiment more. What I don’t do is using the “tricks”: no copy/paste, no clone, no effects. And i don’t work using the color wheel: I created a palette with the digital version of the colors I use when I paint traditionally and mix them as I paint.