1 sale on Dawanda or LET’S CELEBRATE!!!!

This morning I was still struggling with a devastating flu whem my phone bipped:

Hey! Someone bought something from your shop this very minute!

I was like Oooooh and then Ahhhhhh and then I ran out of bed and coughed my way to the laptop. And here it was! Ilaria (you can find her amazing art here) was so nice she bought two of my newest minipainting as a gift. I took pictures of the packet but you won’t see anything until I know it has reached its final destination! But you can see what I’m planning on putting on the store:

Aliana ink on watercolor paper Antoinette ink on watercolor paper Mary ink on watercolor paper

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Nature Loving Mom Christmas gift guide

Mom Christmas gift guide

I know, it’s early, halloween barely appeared on our Holy-radar and leaves are still on the trees but I really can’t help it: I’m always on the lookout for something unique and special for my Mom and if you’re just a tiny bit like me you’re starting getting obsessed with Christman presents NOW.

And since I love going shopping, or windowshopping, I’ve collected some of the most interesting, unusual and creative gifts for the woman of your life. Inspired by my own Mom, who is a garden fairy, I collected some nature-related gifts.

Did I tell you I chose only handmade things? 🙂Mom Christmas gift guideAnd here they are the links to the creations I chose (collage bg is mine):
Cream Owl Necklace- Hand painted wood pendant

TOP SELLER Color Greens Hanging Succulent Terrarium – Succulent Planter, DIY, Living Home Decor, Gift , Hanging Terrarium

Wooden gift coaster with printed typewriter style text ‘LOVE’ and pastel floral background – 1 pcs, gift ideas, handmade ; pencil cosmetics case small black and white geometric print

Fawn Deer Painting, Watercolor Art, Botanical Garden, Archival Print – Oh Deer

Ceramic Spoons Home Decor Handmade White Glaze – pair of spoons

Custom Painted Farm Flower Pots

PS: Don’t forget to buy/make a Christmas card to accompany your presents! Handwritten messages are such a nice things to receive ❤

Inspiration – Read out loud

Let’s face it: the Internet opened up billions of possibilities to everyone.

You like to sing and want people to listen to you? You can upload a video to YouTube or a MP3 on Myspace and you can bet there will be someone miles away from you clicking on the PLAY button and listening to you. You draw and want people to see your drawing? Set up a blog and spread the news! Keeping people coming for more is a whole different story but you get the point.

I recently discovered something really amazing and interesting on the Internet: the realm of free magazines and catalogues. I’m not going to review all the different digital newsstands out there, I just want to share some of the wonderful things I found and that, I believe, can spark a new idea in every artistic mind.

The first magazine I want to share is BAK. Maybe you already know it but I didn’t and want to share the gorgeous cover of issue n. 14 with you, why? Because I love this roaring bear:

The second image comes from a Spring/Summer 2011 catalogue I saw on somebody’s blog (sorry unnamed source!): Tine K Home.

This one, well I’m not too sure what it is but I love the color schemes! Hodgepodge Vol. 1

See? There are tons of other beautiful magazines out there and many await only a chance. Do you have any favourite online magazine you would like to share? I’d love to do another post with YOUR favourite ones. Don’t be shy!

Inspiration – Children Books : The Magic Pudding

Inspiration is something that may bliss you every time you pick up a pencil. Or it may be something you have to fight with to keep it near. Either way it is always good to have fresh input for the brain to chew on and elaborate…

I decided to start with something  I LOVE: children books. They’re simple and yet so skillfully planned and illustrated. Every stroke of any illustration matters, but I think it is even more true in children books. I’m fond of those depicting animals and that are not to “artsy”, I mean intricate in design for example. I happened to see some contemporary illustrated children books and they scared me to death. I can accept more simple forms and uniform wash of colors, and I have to admit I like them, but other times I simply look at the pictures and think :” These images are scaring a 28 grown up woman, what can they do to a little child? You can tell me “Ehi, there are many scary stories, especially the classics” – Snow White, Hansel and Gretel are the first that come to my mind – but I believe there are way to depict scary scenes without turning too graphical and risking hunting a child’s dream. I’m not telling we must cover children in cotton candy and put them in a bubble, they must know the wolf exists and be sure it can be beaten but you cvan teach them how to hunt the wolf without showing its intestines, figuratively speaking.

(Most of the images are from BibliOdyssey, a super site if you like books.)

This is The Magic Pudding by Norman Lindsay. Isn’t this koala adorable? I especially love the pencil drawings inside the book.

I was going to add other books but then I changed my mind, I believe it is better to have small sips than drink it all immediately. Of course you’re more than welcome to share your inspirational children books.

UPDATE – Jeannine shared one of her favoutire book The Chinese Bug

Handmade love – May

Okay, you’ve probably seen this kind of posts everywhere but since I like DIY a lot I decided to play around with photos and textures and put together something sweet for May. And since May is Mom’s Month obviously you can do these DIY and give them as gifts to your Mom!

Poppy Boutonniere I love these big flowers you can use whenever and wherever you want. On a T-shirt, on a bag, on a summer hat. Really with things like these sky’s the limit.

Burlap and Doily Luminaries How sweet are these little recycled lamps? And with colored glass you can create different effects.

Photo Clip Frame Who said old frames can’t be used to create something brilliant? These frame is clever and stylish – metal wire always is.

A bag of Love Perfect package if you want to bake something special to your Mom. PLUS: you can personalize these however you choose.

Granny Stripe Crochet Bag This bag is adorable and you can substitute the crocheted flower with one of Amanda’s poppies as well!

Vertical Mini Terrarium I’m planning on making these for my Mom – she loves plants and everything that grows and blooms.

And here you are a collage of these wonderful projects!