FAQ & Contact

You can reach Valeria using her email address: valeriaporopat [AT] hotmail [DOT] it


Can I use your pictures on my blog/website/etc…?

If you’re planning on using what you see for personal use please remember to credit me. Commercial use is not allowed but you can contact me: we can do wonders together!

Can you paint/draw/illustrate me something?

I am always open to commission, so feel free to drop me a line. Please remember I have to eat and pay the bills, just like you, when contacting me.

What tools/technique do you use?

I usually paint using acrylic paints on paper (watercolor paper) or thick wood boards. I also work digitally with an extremely old wacom tablet.

Where did you study?

I didn’t take formal artistic training. I simply never stopped drawing and painting. When other children ran around, I just sat and painted something. My first drawing were horrible, just like any child’s, but I got slowly better until I thought I was ready to consistently show the world what I could do. If you want to paint, then paint and don’t stop.

Can I write you?

I’d be glad to hear from you! I live in Italy so I cannot jugde other Countries’ art programs (and I cannot judge Italy’s for that matter).