Guide Spirits

“Guide Spirits” is a series of watercolors on watercolor paper exploring the connection between Man and Nature, and in particular how human beings percieve nature when they are surrounded by it. I aimed at celebrating the smaller inhabitants of our world, flora and fauna often missed when strolling in a park and pairing them with some bigger pieces to give a sense of scale. The series was exhibited in Catania during Catania Wondertime, by Temporaryoung.

I used every and any inspiration source for this series, as I always do, because I believe there is no such thing as higher art and lower art: I like to visually quote famous artists of the past and, as an example, I revised Piero della Francesca and her golden and welcoming Madonna for “I’ll wake you when it’s over”. I also added aureolas to my little Guide Spirits depicting them as if they were some sort of Saints which can help us navigating life. I strongly believe we should look back at Nature as a source of wonder and inspiration not only for decorative ideas but as an endless source of wisdom. 

Myths, like that of Maja which has given Mount Majella its name, are another inspiration for this series and I portrayed the mighty Maja, a Titan, as something in between Mother Nature and a water spirit. 

This series is my little homage to Abruzzo and the National Park it is most famous for, the place where I now live, a place made of water and stone, soft and hard, welcoming and violent in its essence.

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Maja – Watercolor on watercolor paper 70×100 cm
I’llwake you when it’s over – watercolor on watercolor paper 50×70 cm
Il Tesoro – watercolor on watercolor paper 50×70 cm
Spiriti guida 1 – 12×17 cm

Spiriti guida 2 – 12×17 cm

Spiriti guida 3 – 12×17 cm

Spiriti guida 4 – 12×17 cm

Spiriti guida 5 – 12×17 cm


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