This is a project which is an exploration of my “dark side”. People immediately recognize my paintings as airy, pleasant and sometimes a bit childish. I decided to play on this last term “childish” and explore the reality hiding behind even the most innocent game children play together and how strongly they believe in their flights of fantasy.

I rode with wolves
I rode with wolves – 35×50 acrylic on canvassed board 2017

I started playing with Red Riding Hood but followed a darker path and morphed the innocent girl in a being who is in communion with nature, with her instinct, embracing it and showing it fully. This was the first time I also painted a true background even is it is not realistic nor accurate.

la pesca - 40x50 acrylic on canvas 2017
la pesca – 40×50 acrylic on canvas 2017

What lies beneath? Beneath the surface of an innocent lake, beneath the surface of an innocent game. This is the main idea behind “La pesca”. Some elements are depicted in a way that allures the viewer but the final impression is of something subtly disturbing. And it is by chance, or better, because of the color theory that she reminds Disney’s the little mermaid, Ariel. I chose her to have red hair because they would stand out against the blue/greenish background. The added bonus is that you feel comfortable looking at this image and then the ugly truth of what is really going on strikes.

Hide And Seek – 40×50 acrylic on canvas 2017

I loved painting this, especially her hair, a purple braid flowing down the side what can be more magnificent? A luscious red dress, that’s it. Why is she hiding? Or is she searching for something or someone? Or maybe she was looking for something but got distracted? How many times it happens in our daily life?

catch me if you can.jpg
Catch me if you can – 50×70 cm acrylic on canvas – 2017/2018

This series was meant to be richer but I stopped with this last painting that, I feel, greatly sums the whole concept. What you see is a panicked girl, hair flowing in the air, chased by another female human being, but the chaser seems undisturbed by the run while the other is almost falling. Who is the chaser? A “the Walking Dead”-like zombie? Someone dressed like a spooky spirit? Her past? And if so, why is she dressed like a contemporary model while the chased looks like she’s been running for the past couple of centuries?


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