Watercolor is unforgiving. This is a sad but marvellous truth. You have to plan ahead, choose your color scheme carefully and hope everything goes as planned. But it rarely does and watercolor teaches you to accept and move on to cherish your mistakes and find beauty in unpredictability. This is what I am learning from my watercolor paintings.

masca Valeria Poropat watercolor pop surreal lowbrow contemporary art

Masca is the Indoeuropean word the Italian (but not only Italian) word for “mask” comes from. Masca means “dark spirit” and where can you see such a dark spirit? In the smoke spiralling towards the sky. So I created a happy cracking background for my golden eyed spirit with blue/purple/black hair. She is slowly taking shape but don’t blink or you’re going to miss her.

sotto la superficie Valeria Poropat watercolor pop surreal lowbrow contemporary art

Masks are what we wear to hide something, to be someone else but, just like a volcano, we can’t hide ourselves forever and truth finds its way towards the surface. Painting this I discovered how much watercolor can be expressive when rendering rocks and crystals and I am developing a deep affection to crystals (party this is due to my Mum who is teaching me how to recognize the powers of crystals and precious stones).




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