Piccole Inutilità Quotidiane

Piccole Inutilità Quotidiane

Mi hanno detto smetti,
mi hanno detto non serve,
mi hanno detto lascia,
E hanno ragione.

Eppure io sono qui
e tu con me.


Little Everyday Uselessness

They told me to stop it,
They told me it was useless,
They told me ro give up,
And they’re right.

But here I am
and you’re with me.


Don’t ask why on Earth there’s a girl holding a white sperm whale. Or better, you can do ask but I don’t know if I’ll be able to answer in a coherent way.

It all started with this enormous board I was so eager to fill up with colors. That and a phrase, ” Little Everyday Uselessness”, scribbled on my big sketchbook.

Piccole Inutilità Quotidiane_progress_001

This time my fascination with sea lifeforms came after. I started rummaging about the idea of something absolutely useless, like watering an empty vase for example and I saw this girl, wearing a bright-colored dress holding this watering can. Then I moved the watering can to the ground but the girl needed something and it appeared.

Piccole Inutilità Quotidiane_progress_003

White, big, absolutely out-of-place. A whale. a white whale. And there it was. It is not dead. Even if it might look like it is. It is alive and something the girl holds dear. It’s something unbelievable. Just like love.

Piccole Inutilità Quotidiane_progress_004

I know I sound cheeky but if you only knew what’s happening to me (great good lovely things) you might understand. But I don’t want you to UNDERSTAND I want you to FEEL. And I really hope this picture give you the idea of something that survives and grows stronger and stronger despite everything, even the simplest rules of reality.

Piccole Inutilità Quotidiane_progress_005I am proud of the final result. From a technical point of view I guess I learned a lot, especially about wood and organization and… about red. Did you know that there is NOT a single red created to fully cover a surface? They’re half-transparent, how silly is that?!?!

PS: the watering can was sacrificed for composition’s sake. I should have drawn them more on a side or made them smaller but it works even without it doesn’t it?


…or “I should really post stuff as I paint them and not try to catch up :)”

Well well well… underwater lifeforms are beautiful, deep sea creatures are little living miracles and their shapes and sizes amazing. When I started this commission, I obviously drew a lot of sketches. Some of those sketches were particularly good and I decided I wanted them to have a life on their own. My Tweetfriends will probably recognize at least two of them but I like working in bunches 🙂

003biologica_003 004biologica_004